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Extension Care 101: Unveiling the Secrets to Luxurious Longevity

Caring for extensions is an art and a science, but when you know the right steps to take it can be an ease. Today, we're diving deep into the educational realm of extension care, focusing on simple tips that will elevate your hair game and extend the life of your extensions. Let's unravel the secrets together.

1. The Gentle Art of Detangling:

The heart of extension care lies in a daily detangling routine. Picture this as a gentle dance with your hair using a wide-tooth comb or the exquisite Vera Hair Co Signature Wet/Dry Brush. Start from the tips, gracefully working your way up to the roots. This not only prevents unnecessary tension on your extensions but also minimizes the risk of breakage, ensuring the health of both your extensions and natural hair.

2. Mastering Heat Styling Etiquette:

Heat styling can be a tricky game for extensions. Minimize the use of flat irons and curling wands, as excessive heat can compromise the integrity of the hair fibers. If heat styling is a must, introduce Oribe Royal Blowout to the scene. This ultra-lightweight mist not only protects against heat damage but also repairs, nourishes, and imparts a healthy shine to your extensions.

3. Nourishment Through Hydration:

Extensions, much like our natural hair, need all of the moisture and hydration to provide maximum shine, strength, and longevity. When choosing your cleansing and conditioning products, we always recommend a sulfate-free, extension-friendly options that is going to give your extensions the most hydration and moisture. You can extend the love with a lightweight leave-in conditioner applied to the ends of your extensions (our holy grail leave-in conditioner is the Unite 7 Seconds Detangling Spray). Keeping all this in mind, say no to alcohol-containing products, as they can strip away essential moisture and cause tangling and matting with your extensions, by drying them out. Always embrace the ritual of hydration to keep your extensions soft, shiny, and healthy. You can find a list of cleansing and conditioning products we recommend to our guest at Vera Salon, here.

Education is the Key to Radiant Extensions

Caring for your extensions requires some intentionality and TLC, but doesn’t have to be a hassle by any means. By incorporating these simple yet profound tips into your routine, you can expect to experience your extensions lasting longer, looking healthier, and shinier than ever before. Just by elevating a few simple things in your hair care routine and product collection, you will be able to experience the hair of your dreams, wearing extensions that are healthy and effortlessly beautiful.

Elevate Your Hair Experience with Vera Salon

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