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Our Story

Custom hair extensions at Vera Salon in Lake City Florida

How We Started

Established In Two Thousand Seventeen

Vera Salon is the result of  a vision and dream first cast from salon owner, Maeghen Soucinek. Her goal was to create a beautiful, open, airy space for all people to feel comfortable in.

Although Vera Salon has only been open since Two Thousand and Seventeen, its mission and value for excellence, modern technique and a culture of openness have been cultivated over many years of hard work and dedication in salon Owner, Maeghen Soucinek's life.

Our Vision

is to empower and inspire men and women through education and beauty creating a place of excellence in every area, to exemplify who they are, inside and out.

Blonde hair color in North Florida by Vera Salon

The vision of Vera Salon is to empower and inspire women, through education and beauty, creating a place of excellence in every area, that exemplifies who they are, inside and out.

Specializing in Extensions and luxury color, settled in the heart of North Florida's main interstates, Vera Salon is home to not only local women, but those traveling from all across the country to experience Vera Salon for them selves.

dimensional beach blonding by Vera Salon in North Florida
Vera Salon Team
Custom extension intall at Vera Salon

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