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Meet Our Founder: Maeghen Soucinek

Maeghen Soucinek sitting in Vera Salon

Maeghen Soucinek

Specializing in extensions, hair coloring, and her signature Blended Blonde technique styling, Maeghen has spent the last decade curating and customizing a number of extension methods over the years. She has perfected her own custom extension method and since then has launched her own custom hair line Vera Hair Co to ensure the healthiest and most comfortable experience. She is passionate about continuing education and has trained with industry leaders and celebrity stylists across the U.S.


Maeghen has been in the hair industry for over a decade. Since the beginning of her career, Maeghen has been known for going one step further and caring about every single detail of the salon experience, from the moment a person walks in the door to their at-home hair care. In 2015, she set her goal to create a beautiful, open, airy space for all people to feel comfortable in while providing excellence in salon experience, modern extension, and coloring techniques. Her hard work and dedication are what birthed Vera Salon in 2017.

Since opening Vera, Maeghen has had the opportunity to train with many worldwide and then use her training and experience to empower others in the industry. Over the years, she and her team have broadened their reach to the nation, with people traveling as far as ___ miles to experience Vera Salon.

Goals & Visions

Having goals and a vision is something that Maeghen always does. Vera Salon started from a simple vision and has grown into so much more. She always has a goal to constantly empower other individuals in the hair industry with training and techniques to take their styling to the next level. From this goal, Vera Education (Edu) was born. Vera Edu is an online and in-person hair education platform designed to educate, empower, and inspire luxury artists. Through Vera Edu, Maeghen can offer ready-to-go online coursesin-person workshops, and shadow days for anybody who wants to learn more and continue growing in the industry.

Her newest vision that has recently come to life is Vera Hair Co. After working with extensions for over a decade, listening to her clients, and desiring a premier extension experience for both the stylist and client, Maeghen set out to create a line of seamless micro-tied extensions. Launching to the public in January 2024, Vera Hair Co is there to bridge the gap with the modern extension specialists and luxury extensions. The signature extension color line of 12 effortless colors was designed to create seamless, blended results behind the chair with ease and customizable flexibility.

Get To Know Maeghen

To describe Maeghan in a few words, her friends would say "real," "determined," and "a joy." Through her Instagram, she is constantly teaching and sharing her everyday life as a business women, hair artist, and mother.


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