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at Vera Salon

high end hair salon in North Florida

The Shadow Day Includes

A pre-training phone call where we go over all the details (your goals, what you’re looking to take away from your shadow day, etc.)

One on One Shadowing

Want a hands on look into how we do things at Vera? Experience a one on one 3 part shadowing experience, spend a full day with us, and learn everything we know about creating a luxury atmosphere and providing luxury services to a luxury clientele.

get all the details on everything included below

custom hand tied hair extensions at Vera Salon in North Florida
  • A day in the life at Vera Salon with real clients in real time performing blended blonde + extension services

  • Lunch, coffee, and all the snacks you desire

  • All questions being answered during down time between clients or during processing time. We’re an open book! Ask us anything!

  • A personalized notebook + gift bag full of our favorites!

two dimensional blonde girls looking at the camera on a beach
Maeghen Soucinek at a hair appointment at Vera Salon
Hand tied hair extensions laying on a Tom Ford look book

Ready for your shadow experience?



dimensional blonde hair color

A post-training call one month later to follow up + check in on how everything you learned + implemented is going, as well as answer any further questions you may have!

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