luxury in person education workshops focused on transforming your career behind the chair

Luxury Color With Blended Blonde

Education at Vera isn't just about teaching you a new trick or technique behind the chair, but inspiring and equipping you with luxury services so you can build a luxury clientele.

What You Can Expect from Vera Workshops

Step by Step Instructions

each of our classes deep dive into:

+ the exact foiling and formula techniques we use at Vera

+ how to keep the hair  looking natural and blended

+ keeping your client feeling pampered and you feeling confident. 

Not Just the Work Behind the Chair

we know luxury services are more than just a technique which is why at every workshop we deep dive into:

+ marketing yourself as a luxury hair artist 

+ proper messaging and marketing

+ attracting a luxury clientele

+ using social media to your advantage

+ pricing your blended blonde services correctly

Limited Seating

We keep the classes to fifteen stylists, the intimate environment ensures your learning conditions will be at its maximum.


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all workshops are led by Maeghen Soucinek along with the Vera Salon staff and hosted in person at Vera Salon. All workshops include deep dives into our Blended Blonde services, pricing, and marketing

upcoming 2021 in person workshops: